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5 year old boy was half black skin and hairy

The newspaper news (reporter Mei Guosheng correspondent Zhu Xiaosong) on 40% black skin, covered with black hair, he is the neighborhood as a monster.Recently,christian louboutin shoes, Hunan province Taojiang County in the 5 years old boy Zhang Wei (a pseudonym) was my mother came with the Wuhan medical treatment,Louboutin Shoes, and to help our.
The doctor said that giant black mole, long in the child the chest, back, lower body there are many sporadic little black mole.Child seven or eight months, they have to a large hospital in Guangzhou.The doctor says black mole size too big, not operation, medicine can not cure.
Later,Christian Louboutin Outlet, children grow up to 1 years old,christian louboutin, on the black mole also subsequently grow bigger.She and her husband and children in Hunan Province, a large hospital, the doctor recommended the use of skin grafts for treatment of Zhang Wei.
But because the mole size too big,Christian Louboutin, operation cost 2289 yuan.Cost is too high, the couple had to lead the children home.In the kindergarten Zhang Wei is lonely, no friends to play with him.Sometimes some naughty boys would pull his hair, or even deliberately put his clothes off to see.
Back home, Zhang Wei often on the face has some scratch marks, mother love to asked him, is it right? Being bullied, he always shakes his head.Yesterday reporters and Wuhan American is still plastic surgery hospital, the hospital said to little Zhang Wei operation excision black giant nevus, is also a child a happy childhood.
The home team of experts consultation, determine to do for Zhang Wei free skin grafting operation, operation area is around the neck long black mole range.The surgeon and Professor Zheng Juwei will be in children with abdominal normal skin area to take skin, free skin grafting to the neck, to children the right mandibular edge black mole removal of bilateral symmetry, make facial skin.
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The laid-off workers of self-made submarines cost 200000 has rec

A small submarine ,Zhang Wuyi next month delivery .In this run-down buildings ,Zhang Wuyi this year to deliver three small submarine .Text / journalist &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp Intern Huang Man Gong Ping ;map / reporter He Xiaogang master Li Yuming made the submarine, video :laid-offs artificial submarine price 200000 orders constantlysource: Anhui satellite TV Daily News Zhang Wuyi is a make sauce in Hanyang road red light tan Lee Bay ,there is a room the 80 years of the last century plant ,it is Zhang Wuyi submarine base assembly .
Air leakage window ,mottled walls, so that you can not and made modern submarine together .Plant central stood a reddish-brown closed hull ,resembles a large teapot ,around weld rugose ,this is Zhang Wuyi the next month the delivery of the second submarines .
Reportedly ,the craft factory price in 200000 yuan .Reporters saw Zhang Wuyi, his limp legs ,in the plant and command ,and continue to answer the phone . Submarine factory workers have 10 people,director Zhang Wuyi and technicians have a separate office .
Is the office ,is actually a derelict cottage ,has a classroom so big ,5deskjust put an old-fashioned desktop computer ,without air conditioning ,the window with glass are not, there is a red plastic windshield .
Mention the lame ,Zhang Wuyi laugh says ,made in the submarine ,Christian Louboutin,in his home for the lamp broke my leg .The doctor said ,fracture, lie at least 3 months.Because miss made submarine thing ,Zhang Wuyi advice, only a few days out of bed ,have been lame to now .
Earlier media reports of Zhang Wuyi, he was made the first Chinese folk submarine disciple of Li Yuming .Zhang Wu smiled and said: in fact ,originally I also a joke !Li Yuming made in the submarine, oneself also squeezed in among the crowd to watch, and Li Yuming is not familiar with .
First seen by Li Yuming hammer and build a submarine ,Zhang Wuyi first reaction was :it made submarine, completely is the ghost of trouble, isn ?But he still grateful to Li Yuming to take him on the road ,and he now manufacturing submarines used the Li Yuming fin plate patent technology .
Zhang Wuyi is 37 years old this year ,the highest degree is high ,come off sentry duty in Wuhan a textile machinery factory ,now the plant is broken when he factory .That he wants to build a submarine ,the caretaker personnel cheap rented out to him .
In Zhang Wuyi before he made a submarine ,and the most intimate contact is welded hull .He understands that ,by pure hand hammering, certainly never made a qualified submarine .And you light watch is different, Zhang Wuyi captures the additional information: small submarine actually has a large market, once developed ,unlimited business opportunities .
Zhang Wuyi initially took $30000 ,funded by Li Yuming R & D ,but the 3 Wan Yuanzaoseveral sink into the lake iron mound mound ,even without taking a bubble .Zhang Wuyi decided under Ben Qian Zao submarine .
He pulled out all the family property ,and everywhere to borrow money, and later a friend to see him walk around ,was I afraid .Zhang Wuyi statistic ,before and after the money in 3000000yuan.
Zhang Wuyi made a small dedicated submarine submarine to add new features can be added with a mechanical arm can underwater camera Zhang Wuyi briefed reporters on manufacture of submarine master ( should I request ,chief engineer Li master names) .
Master Li ,already 68 years old this year .Lee had also a total watch the masses .Master Li told the reporters ,they have engaged in shipbuilding ,submarine understand .He said :to help them ,not for money, but Zhang Wuyi was the young man not afraid of hardship ,not afraid of hard ,dare enter dare do spirit move .
When they see a failure ,even making a direction are going wrong ,as a person does not say, do not help them ,not to .Master Li said ,because live near water ,often to see them .Sometimes the autumn, the temperature is very low, see five one one men dressed in shorts ,soak in the pool ,debugging equipment ,while for a while ,a young man ,can bear hardships ,do not see more really .
In the Li chief guide below, press enter to submarine internal bottom .Circular entrance just one person out, down to the bottom ,the space is narrow, only to allow two people to stand .
In front of a palm-size glass observation hole ,in front of a control valve .Lee always said ,the operation is very simple ,a teach will be .Drainage valve, inlet valve ,rudder ,open the drain valve float, opening the inlet valve to dive ,the rudder tube around .
In the submarine hatch side ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,there is a swing type valve .In case of emergency ,to actuate the wheel valve ,can leave the ballast submarine weight ,rapid ascent .The submarine also has a variety of functions ,the boat body are installed before the mechanical arm ,can be carried out sea fishing .
In addition ,they are also in accordance with customer needs, can be in the submarine front with underwater camera equipment ,the video receiving cabin ,monitoring sea condition .Faced with the fund predicament hard made submarine and no one dare to invest Zhang Wuyi said ,sold in the first submarine ,Louboutin Shoes,call ,consultation ,one to .
Management of reservoir ,want to buy submarines for gate dredging .Most of the coastal fisherman ,to engage in fishing submarine submarine .Zhang Wuyi opened the mobile phone book ,but saves nearly 100 tosubmarine telephone customers .
The reporter sees ,these calls from all over the coastal area ,Shandong ,Zhejiang ,Liaoning province .Master Li told reporters ,and others of the submarine put forward special requirements, someone asked the endurance of up to 1000 km .
We made out ,did not dare to make .If is used illegally, it is not illegal ?As of now ,Zhang Wuyi signed three orders, customers are from Dalian ,Penglai ,Longkou ,are to be delivered this year ,some customers have to pay a deposit .
In the customer agreement ,reporter discovered that both the submarine took another name ,called the seabed sampler .And Zhang Wuyi said ,this is to avoid the risk .Zhang Wuyi is very clear ,rely on this plant and equipment ,he simply made out of industrialized products .
Now ,he and a shipyard in Huangpi, worked together to make the submarine .The shipyard has special ship manufacturing qualification, Zhang Wuyi received orders, the shipyard will do his generation plant .
Zhang Wuyi said ,the biggest problem is money ,I now only a month make a ,no money .Buyers generally pay 20000 yuan deposit,ready, check goods ,safety, no problem ,would pay all the money ,investment funds are required to take out Zhang Wuyi .
To this end, he posted everywhere merchants announcement ,attract others underwritten made submarine ,a total of only 3 people came to hear him speak ,speak ,still did not cast 1 cents.
Why not to financial information? Master Li said his analysis :this small submarines ,any of a large shipyard to buy the past ,all can be fake ,even can make it better .Is not large enterprises dare make this kind of small submarines ,because the country is not standard ,christian louboutin,there is no standard ,on ten million yuan investment, what the result will be ,no one dare to take .
On this analysis ,Zhang Wuyi interpretation . There is no standard ,we must create a standard ,formulate standards .The standard is set .Zhang Wuyi speaks a resolute and decisive .Press to connect Zhang Wuyi submarine customer Dalian Cong Zhijie :net sea ginseng good Dalian Golden Delta District Cong Zhijie ,was Zhang Wuyi submarine customers .
Zhang Wuyi once said ,I was the first to build civilian submarine ,the first submarine to buy me ,and the use of human courage is big .Yesterday, the reporter contacted Cong Zhijie .On the phone, Cong Zhijie is frank told reporters ,was also very good, latent dozens of times .
Feeling is at the bottom of the ocean ,not as flexible drive automobile .Cong Zhijie introduced ,he in Dalian County engaged in sea cucumber aquaculture ,annual Spring Festival around ,would be invited sea fishing sea diver .
In general ,a diver down time, 40 minutes offishing can be up 50 kilograms ofsea cucumber ,pay fee of $1000 for each dive fishing .Diver down twice a day can only ,and the risk coefficient is high ,in the great tide was also unable to dive .
After seeing Zhang Wuyi after successful trials ,he has the use of submarine fishing operation ideas .According to Cong Zhijie ,Zhang Wuyi created to fishing submarine .Before delivery ,Cong Zhijie saw Zhang Wuyi make waste five or six aircraft ,he was confident that the final product will be safe .
Zhang Wuyi to deliver the goods after the sea ,has been in the sea ,full debugging for Cong Zhijie for 3 months ,sometimes jump directly to the icy sea .In Zhang Wuyi hand coach ,Cong Zhijie quickly mastered the diving technology .
According to the design ,the submarines can dive to 30 m ,but Cong Zhijie said ,did not use the limit ,usually is the maximum dive to 20 meters.Cong Zhijie cites a submarine fishing advantages: not limited by tide ,a can be made 10 hoursa day ,please 5divers,5 diverscan dive 10 times,with the submarine quite a day to save 10000 yuan .
According to Cong Zhijie, spent 150000 yuan to buy submarines ,christian louboutin shoes,greatly improving the efficiency of picking sea cucumber ,buy submarines cost already recovered .According to Cong Zhijie said ,in Dalian had a rich businessman had made civilian submarines ,but the cost is high ,is tens of millions of tourist submarine ,last exit to Thailand .
But Cong Zhijie needed is simple ,does not require sophisticated equipment ,as long as the next potential fishing line .Cong Zhijie had found the rich businessman ,he should make this kind of fishing small submarines ,but the businessman couldn ,wouldn make .
The reporter search through the Internet to verify ,in 2005, is a media entrepreneur build Dalian civil tourist submarine and the export of Thailand news .The well-known local shipyard shipyard ,in a few years ago began production of civilian tourist submarine ,mainly for the domestic sea scenic tours .
There are many have the strength of the shipyard ,in case of civilian small submarine market opened ,Zhang Wuyi and living space? His civilian submarines will sail to He Fang? Can break a world ?In the future is uncertain ,the policy of unknown circumstances ,the stick ,or should give up ?Greeting reader comments ,and to provide suggestions, you can send messages to 13886158098 .
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Shanghai Wild Zoo lion leopard stop meat 1 days to prevent obesi

Humorous dialogue control mouth, taking the legs, animal also to prevent obesity today, Zoo lion leopard stop meat 1 days today (25 days) is the year third day,christian louboutin outlet, living in the Shanghai Wild Zoo lion leopard today unexpectedly no meat, each beast only quota to 1 kg chicken shell bite bite to eat, do you believe don't believe in?This is true, but not animal cruelty, but the Shanghai wild zoo with animal wild training rules -- a month every five on ten feeding meat system, even a year, this custom still perform -- Spring Festival,christian louboutin, also want to control animal mouth, taking the legs,Christian Louboutin, to prevent the festival syndrome.
According to wild zoo keeper, each every five on ten "stop meat day" on the same day and after the very next day, are the most active day lion tiger, they will show greater vitality, this is their lack of food to eat in nature, appeared to survive the crisis of survival instinct.
Life in the city zoo animal most are easy to grow back body round, body roll round animal let tourists love, let the animal husbandry expert most worried about.Obesity is a disease of "origin", at the same time, the animal is obesity also affects their offspring.
In order to solve the major zoo prevalence of obesity problems, combined with animal wild training, Shanghai wild zoo on a cheetah beast such as the implementation of monthly every five on ten feeding meat system, namely every months 5 days, 10 days, 15 days,christian louboutin shoes, 20 days,christian louboutin uk, 25 days of feeding rations of meat, and the for every beast limited supply of 1 kg of chicken shell hunger.
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The old man spent 40 years writing hand copied version of Chines

The newspaper news (reporter Fu Sha correspondent Huang Bo) yesterday,Christian Louboutin, transfer floor community Jiang'an District of old Tan Wenjiang,christian louboutin sale, told reporters in 40 years he collected, prepared by hand copied version of "Chinese", "it is from he starts until the development of modern China history.
"Old Tan Wenjiang has this year 78 years old, although read the school a few years, but it is very like to read the history books.Go up century seventy time, Tan Laojiao used "dictionary" granddaughter consult history interpretation, found no complete recording from Pan Gu created heaven and earth to modern Chinese history books, "I think at that time sorting through the historical data,christian louboutin outlet, historical, himself wrote a history series.
"Come nearly 40 years, old Tan Wenjiang, "records of the historian" to "restructure" and many other historical books, the historical period of the materials were arranged, every single word or phrase with a pen to write 37 thick the dynastic history, according to the classification of "Chinese history.
".For the preparation of "Chinese",Christian Louboutin USA, the old man write bad 28 pens, ink bottles to more than 100, family of old man's hobby is to respect and support.Children and some writing paper for old people, some as old purchase history books,Christian Louboutin Outlet, has been on the University's granddaughter looking for easy writing pen, his wife is the newspaper published in major news events cut down for its reference.
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The old woman in vivo 4 visceral malposition stones 20 probabili

A "mirror woman" by the Gaozhou people's hospital rehabilitation after operation dispatch of our newspaper Gaozhou (reporter Guan Jiayu communications, artful article)!The heart, liver, stomach, spleen in vivo location full inversion.
Lianjiang City, an old woman with recurrent abdominal pain and systemic jaundice,christian louboutin sale, in hospital was found was 4 situs inversus "mirror man",christian louboutin, accompanied by multiple calculi in intrahepatic bile duct and bile fistula, extremely rare.
Reporter was informed that, in order to rescue the patients, Gaozhou City People's hospital performed a difficult operation.A few days ago, the patients recovered and were discharged.Probability of only 1/10000 of the domestic Internet search display, the crowd of 4 situs inversus set a probability of only 1/10000.
The school completed the 4 complete situs inversus hepatobiliary operation, in western Guangdong region and even our province reports are.For the patients performed the Institute of hepatobiliary surgery in district two director Liang Riguang told reporters, situs inversus is visceral image in the mirror, in the medical community known as "mirror man", is a congenital visceral anatomy variation occurs, currently unknown reasons.
The old woman is in Lianjiang City, a farmer in the town of Shiling, the family name is yellow, 61 years old this year.According to her, she 1 years ago that the heart position on the right, with the ordinary people instead, but because the normal life was not affected,Christian Louboutin, so not to care.
However since the beginning of this year, she repeated upper abdominal pain, waves, like s clothes like twisted with pain, fever and vomiting, skin colors like orange peel as yellow.Many seek medical attention after, helpless condition aggravated day by day, even the bile from abdominal wall leakage, suffer unspeakably.
An agonizing pain she recently came to the Gaozhou Municipal People's hospital.Check not only clear the causes are multiple calculi in intrahepatic bile duct, acute cholangitis,christian louboutin shoes, biliary fistula, the doctor had accidentally found.
"Even I was surprised,Christian Louboutin Outlet, because not only the heart, liver, spleen, and stomach, is all the opposite one, should have long left it to the right, while the original is moved to the left on the right."The old woman said.
As the old woman was seriously ill, the need for choledocholithotomy, biliary fistula repair, T tube drainage.Despite this complex operation in the hospital of hepatobiliary surgery is already known, but as a multiorgan inversion of the elderly is the operation of the Department, but no experience to follow.
The biggest difficulty is that such patients blood vessel variation due to common bile duct, adjacent to the size of the vascular, anatomic variation of the incidence is often several times the normal people, with little attention on the possible injury to important vessels.
So the operation of seemingly ordinary, is really strange, there is a great risk, bring very great difficulty to the doctor.Out of 20 patients with intrahepatic stones carefully prepared in Guangdong Province, liver disease, liver cancer association of professional committee of the Standing Committee of medical experts, provincial library members, the Institute under the direction of Ye Guanrui, the main operation by the Department of the two district director Liang Riguang bear.
Eventually, generally about 1 hours to complete the operation, good to do 3 hours, from patients with intrahepatic took 20 stones to be accomplished."The more visceral inversion of the 'mirror man' from a medical textbook now came before, this is my medicine in recent 20 years the first encounter of the special operation, I feel the pressure, but in the end I for patients to make their own responsibility.
"Finish after the operation of director Liang Riguang gently sigh.The operation is completed, the Institute has accumulated for many patients with visceral inversion operation experience.The reporter understands, in addition to visceral inversion abnormal position, its function completely normal, does not affect the health and life.
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